What is the Resident Advisory Board – the RAB?

  • The Resident Advisory Board (RAB) consists of public housing and Section 8 residents who assist the Boston Housing Authority (BHA) and make recommendations regarding development of the BHA’s Agency Plan.  (See BHA: Resident Participation)

Who chooses the people on the RAB?

  • RAB members are elected by their peers. Tenants from BHA Family Public Housing developments, Elderly/Disabled Public Housing developments and Section 8 voucher holders elect fellow tenants who are interested in serving on the RAB.
  • Elections are held every 3 years.

Who are the people on the RAB?

  • The RAB consists of 10 representatives from BHA Family Public Housing developments, 10 representatives from BHA Elderly/Disabled Public Housing developments, and 10 representatives from BHA’s Section 8 program.
  • Up to 10 additional alternates may be selected from each of these groups.

What does the RAB do?

  • Each year the Boston Housing Authority submits an Agency Plan to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), which outlines the BHA’s plans and goals for the coming year.
  • The purpose of the RAB is to assist and make recommendations regarding the development of the plan.
  •  With each Agency Plan submission, the BHA is required to consider the RAB’s recommendations when preparing the final plan. BHA also holds a public hearing. When BHA submits the final plan to HUD it must also attachment all of the RAB’s recommendations with an official response to each comment.
  • BHA may also request mid-year amendments to its Agency Plan; if it does this, it will consult with the RAB and will hold a public hearing.
  • Every 5 years the BHA also develops a 5-Year Plan, including long-range goals. The RAB is actively involved in reviewing and commenting on this. The BHA also provides the RAB with an annual Progress Report on how it has done in meeting the goals in its 5-Year Plan, and the RAB reviews and comments on this as part of the Annual Plan.
  • The Plan covers BHA admissions policies for public housing and Section 8 (including priorities and waiting lists), rent policies, grievance and hearing process, and long-term plans for spending for rehabilitation and redevelopment (including any conversion of public housing to Section 8).

Where does the RAB meet?

  • RAB meetings are held at the BHA’s Amory Street elderly/disabled public housing development  at: 125 AMORY STREET in JAMAICA PLAIN, 02119.

When does the RAB meet?

  • RAB meetings are usually held on the SECOND THURSDAY of every month from 6 to 8 p.m.

Can I use public transportation to get to RAB meetings?


  • The current RAB meeting site at #125 Amory Street is located between TWO ORANGE LINE stops: STONYBROOK and JACKSON SQUARE. 
  • “T” BUS ROUTES: #22, 29, 35, 39, 42, 44, 48.
  •  Parking is available.