New RAB Board

Boston Housing Authority (BHA) tenants, city-wide, elected a NEW Resident Advisory Board (RAB) in July 2016. The new board will serve a 3-year term.

The elections were held at Boston City Hall, July 26 and 27.

Based on the RAB’s by-laws, the RAB is made up of 10 representatives from Family developments, 10 representatives from (BHA) Section 8 voucher holders and 10 representatives from Elderly/Disabled developments.

The next ten tenants (from each group) getting the highest votes become alternates…(so Family can have up to 10 alternates, Section 8 up to 10 and Elderly/Disabled up to 10). When vacancies open on the board, alternates move up to become full board members.

Here are the list of developments (or in the case of Section 8, neighborhoods) with members currently elected to the new RAB, RAB 7:


First meeting of new RAB 7 board, August 11, 2016. (Amory Street, Boston)

Family (Members/Alternates)

Alice Taylor- Roxbury

Commonwealth – Brighton

Charlestown – Charlestown

Faneuil – Brighton

Franklin Field – Dorchester

Franklin Hill – Dorchester

Lenox – Roxbury

Mary Ellen – South Boston

(Mildred) Hailey Apts (former Bromley Heath) – Jamaica Plain

Mission Main – Roxbury

Orient Heights – East Boston

Old Colony – South Boston

Orchard Gardens – Roxbury

State Condos – Roxbury

Washington Beech – Roslindale

West Broadway – South Boston

West Newton – Boston


Public housing tenants from across Boston, MA at City Hall for RAB elections, July 2016

Section 8 (Members/Alternates)



Hyde Park









Elderly/Disabled public housing tenants make their pitch for election to the RAB board.

Elderly/Disabled (Members/Alternates)

Bellflower – Dorchester

Franklin Field (Elderly Disabled) – Dorchester

Hassan – Mattapan

Holgate – Dorchester

Peabody/Englewood – Dorchester

St. Botolph – Boston

West Ninth – South Boston


Housing lawyer Mac McCreight (technical advisor to the BHA RAB) addresses Section 8 tenants (Boston City Hall) before Section 8 election to RAB board.

Former RAB members and tenants/tenant advocates listen/speak at RAB Officer Training for newly elected RAB officers – Amory Street, August 2016.

About bha-RAB

The Resident Advisory Board (RAB) consists of public housing and Section 8 residents who assist the Boston Housing Authority (BHA) and make recommendations regarding development of the BHA's Agency Plan.
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