Welcome to the Boston Housing Authority’s (BHA) RESIDENT ADVISORY BOARD (RAB) website.

The Resident Participation Policy of the Boston (Massachusetts) Housing Authority (BHA) defines the rights and responsibilities regarding participation of BHA tenants and their Local Tenant Organizations (LTOs) in the management of BHA developments.

The BHA firmly believes that successful management of its local public housing developments requires participation and cooperation from all BHA tenants in the overall mission and operation of public housing in order to create a positive living environment. And the RAB agrees…

Tenants and tenant leaders on the RAB Board meet monthly with BHA officials and other community partners to get updates on new and existing BHA policies and other events of interest to tenants.

RAB members review the BHA’s Annual Plan, sit on the BHA’s Monitoring Committee, provide feedback on housing issues and attend local and national housing events like the 13th annual┬áResident Services and Resident Leaders Conference in TAMPA, Florida from September 30 – October 03, 2015.